Program Focus

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive “Personal Effectiveness” training program. Explore the fundamentals, assess your role, and develop essential skills, from teamwork to leadership, to excel in any situation. Join us to enhance your personal and professional growth.


Program Structure

CERTIFICATION - Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ)

Certification for this program will be offered by Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ).

CIQ is a specialized awarding body based in the United Kingdom. CIQ designs and accredits credentials tailored to address the demands of learners and the business community to provide individuals with resources for personal and career growth. CIQ has developed a reputation for offering high-quality support and services to the education industry. Cambridge International Certification has developed an Internal Qualification Framework (CIQ Credit Framework) consisting of various categories and credentials, such as certificates and diplomas, in accordance with international requirements. Its services are also reviewed in order to increase consistency and ensure that they are applicable to the constantly evolving global market as well as career opportunities for ambitious individuals.

Program Outline

Certification will be optional

If you opt for this the participant will have to complete and submit a brief assignment as per the given guidelines.

Ongoing Coaching Options

We provide participants with the option to continue their professional development journey through ongoing coaching sessions. These sessions can be tailored to individual needs and challenges. The coaching program will include:

  • Regular one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced executive coaches.
  • Personalized development plans to address specific leadership goals.
  • Feedback and support for implementing workshop concepts in real-world scenarios.
  • Additional resources and reading materials for continuous learning.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate participants’ busy schedules.