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The WFB IGNITE is a series of online workshops and webinars by Westford for Business aiming at providing virtual training solutions to bridge the competency gap within the organizations, to address critical issues within organizational context through professional development programs.

Westford for Business Ignite sessions are designed to be relevant and responsive to the current business trends and business needs around the world.

These sessions are led by industry experts and experienced professionals, ensuring that participants receive the most up-to-date knowledge and practical insights.

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    Mariana Missakian is a business leader, best-selling author, and TEDx speaker focused on mothers in leadership. With a career at IBM, Intel, and McKinsey, she has driven significant organizational change. Her memoir, That Suburbia Lady, explores identity and has been recognized by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library. Currently, she is conducting doctoral research on supporting mothers in leadership. Mariana’s expertise in diversity and inclusion has established her as a respected authority in these areas.

    Areas of Specialization


    Narrative leadership

    Public speaking and speech writing

    Diversity and inclusion

    Female leadership and the gender leadership gap

    Emotional Intelligence

    Cultural Competency

    Topic : Leading with Narrative: Mastering the Art of Storytelling for Strategic Leadership

    Webinar Takeaways

    Develop Leadership Narratives: Master storytelling techniques to effectively communicate vision and values, building trust and authority while inspiring teams.

    Boost Communication Skills: Use storytelling to enhance persuasion, making your communication more impactful and driving decisive action.

    Craft Engaging Business Stories: Differentiate your brand and engage stakeholders with compelling stories, driving business growth and gaining a competitive edge.

    Strategic planning and Preparation to deliver 

    Facilitate Organizational Change: Utilize storytelling to create buy-in, fostering a shared sense of purpose and driving successful change initiatives.

    Fresh perspectives on integrating lateral thinking with a systems approach

    Master effective delegation and build stronger, more productive teams

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    Master effective delegation and build stronger, more productive teams

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