Building Agile and Resilient Organizations

LEAD your ORGANIZATIONS and TEAMS through disruptive business scenarios!

Program Focus

Creating agile and resilient organizations requires new perspectives and advanced leadership abilities. Traditional management concepts are no longer compatible with scenarios we currently face

In a volatile and dynamic environment that businesses face today, how can mangers and leaders equip themselves with the right tools and skills to cope with the demands of the changing environment?

Program Highlights

360° thinking – Explore
and understand

Experiential Game
Based Learning

Case Study

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“Today the goal of business leaders is to build resilient and agile organizations that can withstand disruptive changes and emerge successful”

The program is organized exclusively for C-Suite level leaders

About the Program

The one-day workshop will empower leaders and managers to build resilience, and agility for their organization by creating high performance teams.

In the face of rapid disruptive business changes, the leaders of today need to unlearn old ways of doing thing and adopt new perspectives and innovative thinking. This program intends to equip leaders and managers for the challenge.

The Bootcamp will help develop the right perspectives and learning needed to strategize, communicate and create high performance teams.


Professionals within the leadership role - Managers, mid to senior level leaders
Mid-level managers with 5 or more years of experience managing people, projects, or initiatives
Experienced leaders seeking to update essential skills
Professionals within the leadership role - Managers, mid to senior level leaders

Key Takeaway

Face business uncertainty and experience decision making during crisis
Create a robust people management system to face changing business scenarios
Develop strategies that can keep your organization a step ahead of competition
Sharpen your communication, conflict management and negotiation skills
Adopt leadership skills needed to maneuver your organization through disruptive changes

This is also a great opportunity to meet and interact with other leaders and experts from a variety of industries and be able to share ideas and best practices.

Al Taawun Campus

Al Zahia Campus

London, UK Office