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Jon Mathew

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Financial Management

Designed to equip individuals and organizations with the essential skills to navigate the complex realm of finance. By understanding financial regulations and gaining insight into the “big picture”, where the participants can make informed decisions crucial for organizational success. Enhance your financial acumen and optimize resource management to achieve strategic objectives effectively. Join us in mastering the art and science of financial management.

Program Objectives

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    No. of Sessions


    Duration of Each Sessions

    3 Hours

    On-site And Online Options Available

    Quizzes, Assignments, Examinations, And Capstone Project Evaluation


    $ 1000

    Benefits of the program

    Ensure Senior Management Teams monitor and hold accountability for fiscal resources effectively.

    Establish robust internal controls to safeguard organizational assets through checks and balances.

    Communicate comprehensive business performance analyses to stakeholders and shareholders, facilitating effective management and control.

    Articulate anticipated internal and commercial benefits related to the financial and non-financial risk management framework, reducing compliance costs and initiating change.

    Program outline