“Chartered Manager”, your route for an international MBA.

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We love to have a title to our names! A title adds an identity to a name and a personality. Through a title, a person feels important at places of business and activity. At times it tells what a person does for a living or at times it is a recognition of an academic or professional achievement. In general, a title is a perception of the value we attach to ourselves or to anyone else. For people in business, the Chartered Manager ‘CMgr – MCMI’ title is the highest honor to mark their occupational achievements.

Image courtesy: CMI (https://www.managers.org.uk/)

The Chartered Manager (“CMgr”) status is awarded by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK. CMI promotes the highest standards in management and leadership excellence

“CMI is the only organization that awards the Chartered Manager status, which is considered to be the hallmark of any professional manager. “

The “CMgr” title is about professional recognition and is the highest status that can be achieved in management and leadership professions. Chartered Manager status recognizes managers with exceptional management and leadership skills and commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), demonstrating to employers and peers the value of a professional approach that delivers measurable impact.

Certified Chartered Managers have been found to better demonstrate their managerial skills to effectively achieve organizational results. Such skills can be applied for constructive team building and managing change in an uncertain business environment. Chartered Managers have also seen higher than average pay rise for themselves and their contributions to their organizations have been more as compared to their previous status and to other managers.

There are three possible routes to get the Chartered Manager status: through Full Assessment; take the Apprenticeship route and the ‘CMI Fast Track’ route to gather the CMgr. While the first two are for freshers in their professional journey the CMI Fast Track is recommended for those who have made a mark for themselves and seek an identity that will showcase their value.

Full assessment
Fast Track

Image courtesy: CMI (https://www.managers.org.uk/)

The Fast Track route is through a CMI qualification at Level 5 or above. The Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, offered by CMI, is for anyone with more than 3 years of experience in middle or senior management roles. The 39 credits Level 7 Diploma is a combination of 4 modules that cover topics ranging from Strategic Leadership, Leading and Developing People to Optimize Performance, Developing Organizational Strategy, and Finance for Strategic Leaders.  

Once candidates have successfully completed the required Level 7 Diploma, they need to apply for the Chartered Manager status with CMI, the application assessment process usually is completed within 2 to 3 weeks, and on a positive result the candidate will be awarded the coveted title

The Level 7 Diploma can also be used as a stackable qualification to move on to an MBA which is another milestone in business education. The program can be completed through recognized CMI Centres under the guidance of trained faculty and industry experts. Westford University College under approval from KHDA UAE offers the recognized Level 7 CMI qualification. At Westford, learners get the opportunity to build their qualifications at their own pace. The CMI Level 7 Diploma offers an opportunity to work on an MBA through a succession of first pursuing the CMI Level 7 Diploma, the credits earned hereby can be used to move on to an MBA with the University of Gloucestershire, UK, or with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. Students get the opportunity to gain exemptions in the MBA thereby saving time and fees.

The Chartered Manager status sets you to move ahead in your learning, and professional development and also creates an identity as a mark of your value in the business world.

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